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Who doesn’t love collecting stickers? Your child’s first reward from Banjo’s Travel Treats will be a 32-page sticker book which you can’t buy in the shops! Complete fun challenges with your child to progress up the tiers and unlock exclusive packs of stickers, books, toys, posters, hoodies, t-shirts, backpacks, party kits and much more!

Make it to our top secret seventh tier and you will receive the ultimate reward for becoming a Global Explorer: a mystery prize worth £1000!

Rewards include:

32-page sticker book and collectable stickers

Hoodies, t-shirts and backpacks

Free Banjo memberships

Banjo books and toys

Postcards, posters and party packs

Top level mystery prize of £1,000

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How it works

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Complete fun challenges

Collect points at each level

Enjoy exclusive Banjo perks and rewards!

Ways to earn points include...

Social uploads

Simply share Banjo fun to your Facebook or Instagram accounts

Creative challenges

We’ll ask you to send us a picture of a drawing or craft activity completed by your child

Audio challenges

We’ll invite your little one to listen to extra Banjo content

Writing challenges

We’ll challenge your child to get their creative juices flowing with our writing activities

Spreading the word

Just submit feedback or recommend friends

Travel tiers

From JUST LANDED to JET SETTER, there are six action-packed levels of Banjo’s Travel Treats to explore. There’s even a top secret tier at the very end which gives you the chance to walk away with an amazing reward worth £1,000!

If you already have a Banjo Robinson customer account, simply log in with your exisiting details.

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